Preferred Insurance Coverage Preferences by State: An Empirical Analysis

american states preferred insurance

Attention, Homeowners! Uncover the Secrets of American States Preferred Insurance.

Are you navigating the complexities of homeowners insurance, feeling overwhelmed by multiple providers and convoluted coverage options? Look no further than American States Preferred Insurance, a beacon of stability and peace of mind in the ever-changing world of insurance.

Navigating the Labyrinth of Homeowners Insurance

Choosing the right homeowners insurance can be a daunting task, plagued by confusion and uncertainty. The sheer number of companies vying for your attention can leave you feeling lost and unsure of where to turn. Add to this the complexities of coverage options, deductibles, and policy exclusions, and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed.

American States Preferred Insurance: A Trusted Guide

Step into the world of American States Preferred Insurance, where experienced and knowledgeable professionals provide tailored solutions for your unique needs. As a preferred insurer, we offer a comprehensive range of coverage options, from standard plans to customizable policies that shield your home and loved ones from unforeseen circumstances.

Summary: American States Preferred Insurance for Homeowners

  • Pain points: Confusion, uncertainty, and overwhelming choices related to homeowners insurance.
  • Target: Homeowners seeking reliable and comprehensive insurance coverage.
  • Solution: American States Preferred Insurance offers personalized plans, experienced guidance, and flexible options to meet your specific needs and budget.

American States Preferred Insurance: A Comprehensive Guide

American States Preferred Insurance (ASP) is a prominent insurance provider offering a wide range of coverage options in the United States. This article delves into the key aspects of ASP, including its history, products, financial stability, customer satisfaction, and more.


Founded in 1929, ASP has been operating for nearly a century. Initially known as American States Insurance Company, it expanded its offerings in the 1990s and adopted its current name in 2007.

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Insurance Products Offered

ASP provides a diverse range of insurance products, including:

  • Auto Insurance: Comprehensive, collision, liability, and roadside assistance
  • Home Insurance: Coverage for homeowners, renters, and condos
  • Business Insurance: General liability, property, workers’ compensation
  • Life Insurance: Term life, whole life, universal life
  • Other Coverage: Umbrella policies, pet insurance, recreational vehicle insurance

Financial Stability

ASP maintains a strong financial standing. As of 2022, the company holds an A+ (Superior) rating from AM Best, indicating its ability to meet its policyholder obligations.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is paramount for ASP. The company consistently ranks highly in industry surveys:

  • J.D. Power: ASP has received multiple J.D. Power Awards for customer satisfaction in auto insurance.
  • Consumer Reports: ASP has been recognized by Consumer Reports for its high ratings in home insurance.

Claim Processing

ASP’s claim processing system is designed for efficiency and convenience. Customers can file claims online, over the phone, or through the ASP mobile app.

  • Average Claim Settlement Time: ASP typically processes claims within 10-14 days.
  • Claim Satisfaction: The company maintains a high claim satisfaction rating, indicating customer contentment with the claims process.

Agent Network

ASP relies on a network of independent agents to distribute its products. These agents provide personalized advice and assist customers with policy selection and claims filing.

Technology Innovation

ASP embraces technology to enhance its customer experience:

  • Online Policy Management: Customers can access their policies, pay premiums, and file claims online.
  • Mobile App: The ASP mobile app allows customers to manage their insurance on the go, including access to claims forms and roadside assistance.
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Corporate Social Responsibility

ASP is committed to corporate social responsibility, supporting initiatives that benefit communities and the environment. Key initiatives include:

  • Community Investment: ASP invests in local nonprofits and sponsors educational programs.
  • Environmental Sustainability: The company promotes sustainable practices and reduces its carbon footprint through initiatives such as recycling and paperless operations.


American States Preferred Insurance is a reputable and established insurance provider offering a comprehensive range of coverage options. With a strong financial foundation, high customer satisfaction ratings, and a commitment to technology and innovation, ASP is a reliable choice for individuals and businesses seeking insurance protection.


  1. What is the minimum coverage required by law for auto insurance?
  • Varies by state, but typically includes liability coverage for bodily injury and property damage.
  1. What factors determine the cost of home insurance?
  • Location, size of home, construction materials, and claims history.
  1. What is the best way to file a claim with ASP?
  • File online, over the phone, or through the mobile app.
  1. How long does it take to get a quote from ASP?
  • Quotes can be obtained online or through an independent agent within a few minutes.
  1. Does ASP offer discounts for multiple policies?
  • Yes, ASP offers discounts for bundling multiple policies, such as auto and home insurance.

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